Every debtor file is linked to credit and bankruptcy probability indicators, allowing us to choose the optimal approach to settle the debt more efficiently and quickly. Our formal and transparent approach explicitly warns the debtor of the consequences of inaction. Our methods protect the claim and provide creditors with a maximum return, minimum cost solution.

Our innovative approach and superior business solutions democratize access to judicial collection, facilitate the relationship between debtors and their creditors, and simplify the repayment of unpaid debts.

Communication is the oxygen of business; Maîtres du Recouvrement helps you breathe.

The advantages of assigning a claim to Maîtres du Recouvrement

There are several advantages to assigning your debts to Maîtres du Recouvrement rather than to a traditional collection agency:

  1. In-depth knowledge of the laws: A thorough knowledge of the laws and rules related to debt collection allows us to use legal tactics to recover the money owed.
  2. More credibility: Our legal approach gives credibility and weight to our claims with debtors, making it easier to pay the amounts due.
  3. Coercive means: Maîtres du Recouvrement has several coercive means at its disposal to accelerate and help collect debts.
  4. 4. Negotiation and amicable settlement: Our staff is qualified and trained to negotiate settlements; the debtor quickly understands the advantages of finding amicable solutions.
  5. Professionalism: Only a judicial approach to the debt guarantees the absence of harassment and intimidation in the collection of unpaid debts.
  6. Legal representation: If the situation requires legal action, our lawyers know how to effectively represent the interests of our clients in court.
  7. Credit rating: Just like the traditional agency, Maîtres du Recouvrement reports bad debts on the debtors’ credit reports.
  8. Recovery Probability Index: Every assigned file is subject to a Recovery Probability Index, or RPI, which provides an intuitive understanding of the risk factors associated with the debt. See Scoring and Inventory Segmentation.
  9. 360° Service: Maîtres du Recouvrement offers a complete debt management service, whether assigned to us or managed internally by our clients. Our solutions are a logical extension of the creditor’s previous efforts.
  10. Price: Our prices are unbeatable.